Thursday, March 10, 2011

Episode 3 is in development hell at the moment.

Hello bloggers, its been a long time I used my blog, even though I don't gots much followers since I started posting my stuff. But anyway how you all doing then? So far I been working on with Episode 3 of super kio but it looks like it won't be finish soon since
1. School in the way.
2. Gotten distracted.
3. Lazy around.
So far still working on finish it, so far actually its almost done just never bother around on finishing it with an ending. Anyways, hope I will post more soon and my other blogs for my doodles, which I am working on submitting my old ones first but am thinking on starting my new ones then. Anywho thanks for checking for my blog then!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lenord drew a Kio!

A autograph/request from lenord robins! Met him at Fox studios, they were having like a contest where you have to draw a object you see in the closet and make it as a cartoon character. Though I seen people drew somethin else than somethin they see in the closet. We did activites like how to make a character, how to make a comic and storyboard, learn how to start making toys, how to design, and much more.

You have to choose 3 but we never got around to going to another subject so it stayed in one subject. I was in Character Development, im thankful with that topic because it helped me improve my character Beefy Kio. We were learning it from a Peston Blair book and learn from it. After that its done, we started showing our work to other students and then they announced the contest winners. I didn't won though BUT! I got to meet an animator in person which is Lenord Robins! It was the best day of my life I say. Whats perfect is he drew my character! Wish I brung my comics and show it to him to see what he thinks and maybe some feedback also! After all that is done, we got goody bags and thats all. By the way the food was great there haha!

Well thats all.
And heres this pic I submitted

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Adventure of Super Kio! Episeod 2

In Episode 2, it took me long to continue it since I got nothin to continue with it. Since its now finish, I had fun with this one, and made like more pages than the first episode!

In this episode, Beefy Kio fights his first enemy Mr.BeefDragon! He's like Kio except he doesn't have the same super powers besides strength. They encounter him at the city while on patrol. Kio thought that the people in the city are replacing him with another Dragon like him. Action starts up when Beefy Kio said something offensive to Mr.BeefDragon and starts a big fight. Until later on the big battle went to far when both unleash there powerful attack that might destroy half the city. So Kio makes a tough decision whether to win the battle or save the city from the blast.

Again, I had fun making this episode and off to making Episode 3!Which i'll explain that episode once its finish.

The Adventure of Super Kio! Ep.1

The whole first episode!